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Services: Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services

PowerPoint offer a complete systems service, from in-depth design, through to high quality production, installation, commissioning and project management.

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Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services

PowerPoint have been at the forefront of designing and installing Wind Farm Meteorological Mast Logging and Telemetry Systems (and Wind Turbine Calibration Instrumentation) from the very beginning of the UK’s offshore wind industry development phase.

One of the first systems that we installed was at the North Hoyle wind farm, off the coast of North Wales; Powerpoint developed the logging and telemetry system for the Meteorological mast where the data logger was arranged to monitor all of the meteorological sensors fitted to the 75 metre high mast. In addition, the navigational aids and self contained solar power system were also monitored to ensure that system faults could be swiftly identified.

The ability to examine the historical logged data relating to these sensors also assists tremendously when carrying out the system maintenance or implementing repairs. The data collected from the Met. Masts sensors is logged and stored at the mast and transmitted via a low power deregulated (unlicensed) radio link to the closest wind turbine platform. At this wind turbine platform the serial data is transferred to an Ethernet converter and connected to the wind farms fibre optic communications network with the data being displayed on the main SCADA top end.

Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services

From all aspects of weather monitoring, to component monitoring and voltage / charging levels. The logging and telemetry systems can provide wind farm operators with crucial tools to reduce expensive downtime and prolong the effective life of the farm. Wind Industry professionals are talking to us about future system requirements using our logging and telemetry systems inside the turbine nacelle, allowing wind farm operators to store real time information on the condition of the engineered components off-shore.

PowerPoint have installed meteorological monitoring systems, renewable power systems and navigational warning aids on numerous on-shore and off-shore Met Masts and wind turbine foundation piles throughout the UK.

We have a close working relationship with the Met Mast manufacturers and with the specialist rigging companies employed to erect the masts. If required, we are therefore able to provide complete turnkey solutions for any Met Mast application. In conjunction with these companies we have already carried out work for a range of blue chip clients including:

Scottish Power
Proctor & Gamble
Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the utmost reliability and satisfaction to our customers.

Our experience in this field coupled with our vast array of data collected from around the UK, means that we can design and install systems, (especially systems that derive power from solar or wind) with total confidence that the customer will be able to collect valuable data 365 days per year.

Off-shore wind farms and meteorological stations have become a specialist area in which we continue to be a market leader for supply and installation of systems. It requires expertise and experience to carryout this highly technical work in a safe and reliable manner, especially when subjected to the harsh environments often experienced on offshore platforms.

Conversely, we have also installed small scale systems for companies who require local real time information on atmospheric conditions for other purposes.

All of our engineers and technicians are fully trained for working off-shore and also hold appropriate climbing certification.

Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services
Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services
Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services

Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services
Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services
Meteorological Masts & Wind Power Plant Services