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Aids to Navigation

The purpose of aids to navigation systems is to mark and warn shipping of hazards and obstructions at sea or within estuaries and ports. For offshore wind farm developments located within the UK waters, it is common for the authorities to specify the need for a combination of both visual and audible warning devices.

PowerPoint has developed many bespoke systems to suit various offshore installations, from meteorological masts to the wind turbines themselves and even temporary systems to mark transition piles. 


With our extensive database of equipment types, we are able to offer the optimum aids to navigation system to suit your application. From stand-alone navigation lanterns to complex systems requiring GPS synchronised lanterns and fog horns, often powered from renewable energy sources. These systems can also incorporate comprehensive condition monitoring, transmitting equipment failure signals via GSM, GPRS or satellite communications. Our systems also include a facility to automatically calculate and transmit availability figures.

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