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SCADA & Telemetry

With our specialist knowledge and experience, we have the ability to handle diverse projects – from simple, low-cost telemetry solutions to complex SCADA Systems.


Typical services & systems include:

  • Flood alleviation & flood defence monitoring

  • Vehicle, pedestrian & boat counting systems

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Canal/River level and flow measurement

  • Remote data capture & logging

  • Control & monitoring of pumps, penstocks & sluices

  • Overhead electrical network monitoring & control


PowerPoint can supply, install, integrate and maintain SCADA, telemetry & remote monitoring systems for any application.

As an independent systems integration company, we are able to select the best outstation, RTU and/or top end for any system requirement.

We can provide solutions using a variety of communications mediums, including GSM, GPRS, radio, satellite, private wire, fibre optic and conventional PSTN systems.



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