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PowerPoint has been at the forefront of designing and installing Wind Farm Meteorological Mast Logging and Telemetry Systems (and Wind Turbine Calibration Instrumentation) from the very beginning of the UK’s offshore wind industry development phase.

Our experience in this field coupled with our vast array of data collected from around the UK means that we can design and install systems, (especially systems that derive power from solar or wind) with total confidence that the customer will be able to collect valuable data 365 days per year.

Off-shore wind farms and meteorological stations have become a specialist area in which we continue to be a market leader for supply and installation of these systems. It requires expertise and experience to carry out this highly technical work in a safe and reliable manner, especially when subjected to the harsh environments often experienced on offshore platforms.

All of our engineers and technicians are fully trained for working off-shore and also hold appropriate climbing certification.


Meteorological Masts